World Water Day

WORLD WATER DAY, A day to celebrate, a day to change, a day to prepare MARCH 22, 2015 A recent trip to Nicaragua made me realize we have much to be thankful about when it comes to our water supply.  In most places in America, we turn on the faucet and out comes safe, clean water.  We never think twice about brushing our teeth, making ice cubes or drinking a glass of tap water. But for the first time in all my travels, I had a touch of discomfort while visiting the Central American nation of Nicaragua, and I think it was because of the water.  I would prefer that didn’t happen again when travelling!  The country was marvelous, with its collection of volcanoes, both active and dormant, lakes, islands, wildlife, good food and fabulous people.  But it is best for this American to peel all fruits, drink bottled water and eat cooked meals while traveling there. Although a national public utility in urban areas and water committees in rural areas provide Nicaraguan water and sanitation, population growth and demand have kept water quality poor.  Most locals there do drink water from the tap, but it is recommended that North American visitors drink purified bottled water.  This is because the water contains microbes that most of us aren’t used to. About 750 million people worldwide suffer from a lack of clean drinking water, and diarrhea caused by inadequate drinking water, sanitation, and hand hygiene kills an estimated 842,000 people every year globally. So as we approach March 22, World Water Day, we should celebrate water and realize that many members of the global population suffer from water related issues.  World Water Day is an initiative of the United Nations.  Each year another topic related to water is highlighted and the theme for 2015 is “Water and Sustainable Development.” For more information including events, free materials and celebrations of pure water go to