Hidden Figures - I saw the movie Hidden Figures today. Fabulous movie. But why did it take so long for me to know about these women? Me of all people should have known about these women. I am a huge fan and “student” of modern space exploration. I do workshops for teachers about the history of the American […]
Change of State - When it snows we complain that we have to shovel the snow and clean it off our cars. We worry about driving conditions and are afraid we might fall on the ice that accompanies the snow. But if we wait a few days, the temperature will rise, and it will all melt and be gone. […]
Snow Day! - As a former teacher and mother of three, a prediction of snow was exciting and tense. Will it be enough to close schools? We watched the weather reports closely and learned about the best conditions for the maximum amount of snow to fall. We anticipated sleeping in and possibly going sledding.   We remember fondly times […]
Twinkle Twinkle Little Planet - January 4, 2017, 5:30pm, clear skies, Philadelphia, Pa. The moon was in its first quarter and shining brilliantly on us as I walked with my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter down the street. Her parents must have taught her to look up at the sky (as we all should) and she told me, “Look grandma,the moon […]
Walden Pond - On a recent trip to Boston, I found myself with a free day and no specific plans. Someone suggested a trip to Concord, Massachusetts and Walden Pond. It’s been decades since I first learned about Henry David Thoreau and his two years in the woods.   How exciting it was to visit the area where he […]
MENTORS NEEDED - iPraxis is a Philadelphia-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization where we create opportunities for low-income students by increasing their interest and exposure to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines through inquiry and project based learning. We do this by bringing individuals with a STEM background (students, professionals, retirees, professors, and more) into these schools to mentor students on science fair projects, lead […]
The Islands of Lake Erie - In early October I visited Erie Pa. to sit on a panel about Climate Change at an event called the Community Resiliency Summit.  The summit was hosted at the Tom Ridge Environmental Center, which sits right on the edge of Lake Erie. I am a long time Philadelphia resident but I grew up in the […]
NSTA PHILADELPHIA - I’m pleased to share that I am on the planning committee for the National Science Teachers Association’s 2015 Area Conference on Science Education in Philadelphia, Pa, November 12-14, at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.  Please join me as we explore ideas and practices that enhance teaching and learning driven by the Next Generation Science Standards.  Learn more bout […]