Anita Brook Dupree, Educational Consulting – Science is My Specialty, offers the following services to schools, school districts, science centers, and science museums:

In response to schools being closed due  to Covid-19, Science Is My Specialty is offering online science lessons.  Contact Anita Brook Dupree via email for times and more information. 


Hands on science for children ages 3-7 who are home schooled. Adult needs to be present to assist.   Groupings 3-4 years old, 4-7 years old.  We are calling this  “Grandma Anita Science”

“ Children are naturally curious about the world and it is never too early to introduce them to science.  Lessons will be 30 minutes long and each weekly lesson will consist of three hands on activities.  A list of materials needed for each lesson will be sent prior to the meeting.  Most materials can be found around the house, such as salt, food coloring or dried beans.  Follow up materials will be provided. “

Individual Science Fair Projects for middle school, ages 11-14.

“ Science Fair experiments are an excellent way to introduce project based learning into the curriculum but students often need guidance in creating their plan.  Students will get individual attention and advise throughout the entire project.   Project ideas, experimentation plan, data collection, conclusions and analysis of data as well as help with proof reading of the final project will be provided.”

Middle School Science for students 11-14

Middle school science curriculum. Suggested topics: astronomy, landforms, environmental issues, weather, matter and energy, geology, natural disasters. ages 11-14. 

“ Middle school science is rarely given the status it deserves and many students miss out on a rigorous science education.   This series is ideal for home schooled children as well as those whose school does not provide adequate science instruction.”

Hands on Science for Young children: $12 per child, series of 4. ($60 for 4  half hour sessions)

Science Fair:  $100.00 a child  (4 sessions)

Middle School Science:  $100.00 a child (4 sessions)