You are an inspiration to many educators, and I thank you for your endless contributions to the science world.

M. Baker, Science teacher, Philadelphia, PA

I hope you are looking back with satisfaction on all of your contributions to supporting science teachers and students in Philadelphia. We’re certainly grateful for your wisdom and dedication all these years.

Christine Massey, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, Institute for Research in Cognitive Science

You have been a wonderful partner.

Carol Fixman, Philadelphia Education Fund

You were always a ball of scientific energy and I really enjoyed all the Professional Development sessions you offered. Thank you for your help and hard work!

Kim L, Teacher, Philadelphia, PA

Thank you for your support to the staff and students of Fell School.

Tricia Murzyn, Classroom Teacher, Philadelphia, PA

I am writing to let you know how much I enjoyed working with you!

Tienne Myers, Elementary School Science Teacher

Thank you for all your hard work in your endeavor to enrich our science programs. Our young people have benefited immensely from all your dedication to our field of science. Rest assured, you made a difference.

Paula Krupit, Middle School Science Teacher, Philadelphia, PA

Thank you for all your outstanding work and commitment to the teachers and science

Winifred Freedman, High School Science Teacher, Philadelphia, PA

“Congratulations on 30 years of awakening children to the wonderful world of science!  What a great service you have provided all of us!” – Sr. Marie Esther Hart, IHM
Coordinator of Science Initiatives, Archdiocese of Philadelphia

Sr. Marie Esther Hart, IHM
Coordinator of Science Initiatives, Archdiocese of Philadelphia

It has always been a pleasure working with you. Your advocacy for Philadelphia students and teachers has been heartfelt, tenacious and always reached to the highest professional standards.

Helen Weber, FOSS® Program Consultant