The Philadelphia Flower Show

photoWith the 2014 Flower Show in full swing this week, one has to think about the impact such a show has on the environment.  What is being done to reduce the show’s environmental impact?  According to the press packet provided by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (the show’s sponsor) a lot of things!  Here are just a few: PHS is working with Green Mountain Energy to track data and offset the carbon dioxide and other green house gasses created by the Flower Show.  After the show, Green Mountain will use collected data to purchase third-party verified carbon offsets to help balance out the event’s footprint.

  • The Flower Show is using highly efficient LED lighting systems in the Hamilton Horticourt, which cuts energy use by 70 percent.
  • The show recycles plants and products whenever possible, reuses props, signs and staging materials, composts horticultural waste, seeks eco-friendly contractors, and uses technology to minimize paper communications.
  • The “Public Art with a Purpose” exhibit will spotlight bicycle riding as an environmentally friendly mode of transportation.
  • And finally the Convention Center itself is taking steps itself to be more environmentally friendly.  This is being accomplished by being powered with a portion of renewable energy, moving towards multiple stream recycling, and working with food vendors that use locally grown food and disposable food containers that are compostable.


The Philadelphia Flower show runs through Sunday March 9, 2014 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center