University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia Offering Professional Development Courses for Science Teachers

Beyond Darwin’s Finches: Structure and Function Through Biodiversity The relationship between structure and function will be explored within the context of biodiversity.  The content is appropriate for students in grades 7-10.  Topics will include: proteins, histology, and correlating evolutionary adaptations to biodiversity. Assessment probes to identify and remediate misconceptions, inquiry based lab activities, and technological applications will be used to address individual learning styles. Presenters:   Beth Gillard, Jeff Maddock Penn Faculty Partner:  Dr. Ingrid Waldron Saturday, April 14, 2012, 9:00 am -1:00 pm Location:  U of P Chemistry Building/Vagelos  Room 2000  – 231 S. 34th St., Philadelphia To register, find out about cost, and to get directions:  send an email to: Check out this event on the Penn Science Teacher Institute Facebook Page – and get more details at