Contests at the Philadelphia Zoo

Philadelphia Zoo UNLESS Contest Here is how you can help save endangered species. The Philadelphia Zoo is trying to help save orangutans from extinction. Orangutans are in danger because they have lost approximately 80% of their habitat. In the last 20 years palm oil production has taken over the land where they used to live. Palm oil is found in cookies, crackers, and breakfast cereals as well as in shampoo and makeup. It is estimated that orangutans could become extinct in the wild in as few as 25 years UNLESS we do something. One thing students can do is participate in the Zoo’s K-12 UNLESS contests.  If you do, your class will be eligible for a free orangutan-focused field trip and will also be able to compete for between $250 and $2,500 in prizes (Grades K-5) or for between $500 and $5,000 in prizes (Grades 6-12). Click here to apply and to read more about the prizes for contest participants. The contest application deadline is October 28, 2011.