Hope Floats in Baltimore Harbor

floatingisland3-1-300x225The National Aquarium and the City of Baltimore have collaborated on a project of installing floating wetlands in Baltimore Harbor.   This new pilot project is hoping to investigate the potential of floating wetlands as a way of improving water quality and restoring habitat.   Floating islands have been used in small water systems and scientists are hoping that they will see good results in the Chesapeake Bay.  The floating island is intended to help clean up pollution in the bay.  The plants’ roots soak up pollution and excess nutrients that run off the land.  Under the island, animals use the oxygen produced by the plants.  The island also provides shelter for aquatic animals. The island was made with recycled plastic and is woven around over 450 native species of plants.  Here is a video featuring the installation of the island: http://youtu.be/OcUGnKabz3A For more information check out: http://news.aqua.org/tag/floating-wetlands/