Cause an Uproar to Save Our Big Cats from Extinction

This week I attended the Big Cats Educator Conference in Washington DC (hosted by National Geographic). The goal of the conference was to highlight the plight of the Big Cats — Pumas (also know as Mount Lions, Cougars and Panthers), jaguars, tigers, lions, cheetahs, and various species of leopard.   The cougar, by the way, is not an endangered species in western United States, but the other big cats are seriously in danger, and could become extinct in our lifetime.   If we act now there is some hope.  Here is information on organizations that support big cats:

  • Trick or Treat for Big Cats: free collection boxes are available at Pottery Barn Kids stores nationwide and at the National Geographic Headquarters in Washington DC.
  • Cause an Uproar: go to to have collections boxes sent directly to home, schools, and other community organizations.